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The internet’s impact on socializing and social practices

Syllabi, publications, reading lists

Howard Rheingold’s syllabus, UC Berkeley 2008
Rheingold uses social media to teach about social media; his syllabus is full of rich historical and contemporary writings on virtual community and the role(s) and significance of social media.

Barry Wellman’s publications:
Though many of his writings are interesting and somewhat pertinent to my areas of interest, “Connecting Community: On- and Offline” has particular significance for me: “Rather than isolating users in a virtual world, the Internet extends community in the real world, and connects people through individualized and flexible social networks rather than fixed and grounded groups.”
“Connecting Community: On- and Offline”
[Contexts 3, 4 (Fall 2004): 22-28]

NYT Articles

Friending, Ancient or Otherwise

Alex Wright

“Online Socializing: Safer Than You Think?”

Study Finds Internet of Social Benefit to Users

Academic, journal, peer-reviewed articles and texts
Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital

Social Implications of the Internet
Paul DiMaggio; Eszter Hargittai; W. Russell Neuman; John P. Robinson
Annual Review of Sociology > Vol. 27 (2001), pp. 307-336

Localising the Internet beyond communities and networks
John Postill

The Internet, Electric Gaia and the Rise of the Uncensored Self.
From Essays on the Anthropology of Cyberspace
by Michael Strangelove (
quoted by Putnam, p. 171:
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine / Volume 1, Number 5 / September 1, 1994 / Page 11

The Internet as social ally
by Amy Tracy Wells and Lee Rainie
First Monday, Volume 13, Number 11 – 3 November 2008

A Romania of the imagination: Formula As, virtual community, and normative behavior
by Gary Burnett and Mihaela Nocasian
First Monday, Volume 13, Number 11 – 3 November 2008

Personal Blogs

Charlie O’Donnell
Facebook doing a great job making it hard to meet complete strangers off the internet

O’Donnell describes the contrast between the now-ness of managing one’s “real world” contacts online via services like Facebook and the “good old days” of easily being able to meet strangers on the internet.

Whitney Hess
The Stranger Aversion
UX designer Whitney Hess responds to O’Donnell’s post (above)



Scot Heiferman of Meetup (interview)

Editorial Observer; The Doctor and the Net: His Bloggers and Donors Pursue Victory via the Mouse

The Politics of Participation

Like Online Dating, With a Political Spin

ONLINE DIARY: Meeting Up, in the Flesh


collaborative/participatory culture
Jenkins, Henry. Convergence Culture
Shirky, Clay. Here Comes Everybody

concept of ‘community’ in America
Putnam, Robert. Bowling Alone

Abrams, Janet and Peter Hall. Else/where Mapping
Harmon, Katharine. You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination

service design
Moggridge, Bill. Designing Interactions
The chapter on service design (and its service ecology maps) are interesting and useful ways to think about, diagram, and design for community.

information design
Tufte, Edward. Envisioning Information
Wurman, Richard Saul. Information Anxiety
Morville, Peter. Ambient Findability
Bertin, Jacques. Semiology of Graphics

ubiquitous computing

Bolter, Jay David and Richard Grusin. Remediation
Greenfield, Adam. Everyware: The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing

distributed cognition / distributed learning
Lave, Jean and Etienne Wenger. Situated learning : legitimate peripheral participation

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